We bring zen to your fundraising by helping you nail the growth metrics investors want to see.

Our team

Our team is made of 40+ people fully distributed all across the globe. Senior growth marketing experts, data analysts, content marketers, designers, lead generation specialists, and project managers help companies just like yours succeed at getting funding.

We are a diverse group that represents over 17 nationalities and speaks over a dozen of languages. But there are a few things we all have in common: a dedication to delivering great results, a drive to improve everyday, and a desire to see the amazing startups and scaleups succeed.

When it comes to securing funding, it seems that the business world has normalized anxiety, pressure, and stress as integral parts of the journey. It can get tough, but there is a better way. That’s our promise.

Marco Van Bree Founder & CEO
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Our story


While talking to founders who are seeking funding, we noticed a recurring pattern. In the majority of cases, the main goal is to get funding so that the company can bring more innovation to the world. There is also the implication of chasing the startup dream of becoming the next unicorn or having a big exit when the time comes.

It’s challenging to prove the worth of your startup to investors. You need to showcase traction, prove you have a product-market fit and a strategy to scale, and describe your future roadmap.

You also need to ensure investors understand your founder-market fit which refers to your personal expertise, your personal connection to the problem you’re trying to solve, and the ability to assemble a high-preforming team.


Before entering panic mode, it is wise to take a step back and identify where you lack internal expertise. In most cases, companies struggle with establishing a clear strategic direction because of their need for speed. The lack of a proper tracking system is another common issue, and so is building a fighter mindset, staying resilient, and not giving up even when the data doesn’t look promising.

Zengrowth started as small freelance network doing reputable work for clients and eventually grew into a full-stack marketing agency.

Now we niched down to do what we know best – support startups and scaleups just like yours to get that funding and make a real impact.

We nurture our values inside the company...

We deliver better, faster

Honesty is our policy

We inspire

...and in the relationship with you as well.

We help you level up

We are data-driven

We believe sharing is caring

We salute you for ensuring the product-market fit. Now is the time to let the world know.

Marta Olszewska COO @ Zengrowth