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We help you get a better assessment of where you are at, where you can go and how you get there. We show you missed opportunities and guide you with actionable insights so you stay ahead of the competition. Our team consists of experienced SEO consultants that have already done this for the top companies in tech such as TravelPerk, Typeform, and Zalando among others.


Now, let’s see how we can help you with your search engine optimization

Customer search

Analyse your current status & future needs

SEO audit (website and rankings, traffic and conversion performance) & SEO needs assessment in the short and long term, based on business goals, target audience, industry, competition

Customer identification

Define your SEO strategy and planning

Implementation guidelines, software recommendations & aligning your SEO strategy with other disciplines such as PR, Social Media, Content and SEA

keyword research

Do keyword research and user experience testing

Listing of high converting, competitive and focus keywords & keyword mapping and on-page SEO & diving into search and user behaviour and conversion recommendations

diverse channels

Get your site architecture and technical SEO in place

Identifying and correcting technical issues, increasing the performance of your site and boosting rankings & Going into advanced SEO techniques such as URL structure and international domains strategies


Develop Content

Content recommendations based on goals, strategy and keyword research & Writing SEO content people want to read, with the help of an algorithm to create better content than your competitors, no keyword stuffing

quality links

Build high quality links

High quality link building efforts in a natural and manual way & high authority links with credible websites & social engagement & local SEO and optimizing for local search


Let’s Get Your Questions Answered

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s basically the process of optimising a website or mobile app so it can be found in search engines like google or bing when someone types a relevant keyword for this product or service. SEO differs from paid search campaigns where companies need to pay to appear on top of the page to be found by searchers, and thus offers a great opportunity to gain free traffic and visitors when done right.

  • Why is SEO important for your growth?

    Your ultimate SEO goal is to get more traffic to your website or blog. But on the same hand, you will increase your conversions, leads and get more paying customers. SEO Leads are mostly high quality because the user is already in a ready-to-buy state of mind. Another advantage: compared to leads from paid traffic organic leads are less expensive.

  • Why should I hire an external SEO agency?

    Each website and each client is unique. We guide clients at different levels, from the start to the finish. That brings our SEO experts a lot of hands-on experience across different industries, company (or rather website) sizes, and results on what works and what doesn’t. As SEO is an ever evolving game, companies often do not have the experts in house, that are up to date and equipped with the latest search engine updates. Besides, it can be also beneficial to hire an SEO consulting service at special moments, for example when you are planning to launch a redesign of your website. A design upgrade is far more than a visual upgrade, it offers a great moment to implement some of the SEO best practices. At the same time, an SEO agency can help you make sure you are not losing your existing traction and go backwards in traffic and rankings. As an Agency we hire a lot of experts in specific fields of marketing, but we also identify the best ways for you to make all marketing disciplines work together. To get the most out of SEO you have to embrace it as part of your marketing mix.

  • How do we get started?

    Because every client is different we start to identify your needs first. To get an overview of what is there and what needs to be done there are a couple of points to look at: A technical audit gives us an idea about the status of your website and its performance. A competitor analysis tells us who is your closest competitor from an SEO perspective and what we can learn from them. The next step would be keyword research to find out the best potential for your website to rank on search engines.

  • When will I see results from SEO consulting services?

    How long it takes to improve your rankings and traffic through SEO depends on a variety of factors such as domain age, competition in your industry, or any penalties you have suffered from in the past. While we aim at page 1 rankings for your most important keywords in the long term, you’ll see traction and small improvements in a short time, e.g. moving from page 10 to page 5. When rankings improve, your brand’s visibility also improves and you are reaching more targeted visitors through organic search. SEO leads often have a high quality because the target group is on a later stage in the funnel and already searching for very specific information. In general, SEO is a long term strategy that is ever evolving and needs to be done with continuous attention.

  • Will you implement your SEO plan on our site?

    Our SEO experts are definitely able to implement any of our SEO recommendations on your site. We offer different forms of engagement to improve your search engine performance. Our level of involvement ranges from SEO audits and strategy to full implementation projects and ongoing SEO support and coaching. You choose, and we’ll be there to make it happen!







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“Working with Zengrowth has helped us to scale our marketing campaigns. We love how supportive they are and constantly are looking for new ways to make things work.”

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David Samuel Asiedu Poku

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