Discover What’s Hurting Your Rankings and Skyrocket Your Search Visibility

You want to claim that much-coveted first spot in search results, but you’re constantly relegated to the dreaded second page - or worse, third and lower. Don’t get bogged down in technical tragedy. Discover your site’s flaws and painlessly resolve them with an in-depth SEO audit. Here’s how.

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Get clarity on the obstacles stopping your site from ranking well

Search engines are a powerful traffic force. Get to the top, and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of buy-ready leads. Get it wrong, and your website will quickly gather dust in the bowels of the web. We thrive on identifying SEO issues so you can improve your online performance and resolve on-site issues. Unlock insights into the challenges you’re facing and get a personalised roadmap for moving forwards so you can make quicker decisions and increase traffic. Find out how it works.


How we help you identify ranking issues and boost traffic flow

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Identify on-site issues

Go through your site with a fine tooth-comb to uncover broken links, problematic content, and hurdles that are holding you back.

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Personalised SEO sessions

Get one-on-one time with SEO specialists who will walk you through your site’s specific issues and how you can resolve them.

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Detailed finalised reports

Receive a detailed roadmap that carves your unique path to success. We dig deep into every aspect of SEO to improve your online performance.

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Competitor research

Learn what your competitors are doing right - and what they’re doing wrong - so you can swoop in and claim search engine fame.

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Keyword research

Plug your site with high-converting keywords that attract the right people and show search engines what you’re all about.

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Site structure analysis

Complex websites are often penalised by search engines. We run a full-site audit to determine if the way your site is laid out is affecting its performance.


Let’s Get Your Questions Answered

  • What is an SEO audit?

    An SEO audit examines and evaluates your site to see where it stands in the eyes of search engines. The goal is to uncover issues that need to be repaired and create a roadmap to resolve them. Brands that do this will see an uptick in search traffic and improve their overall online performance.

  • What is included in an SEO audit?

    There are multiple moving parts that make up an SEO audit. It can include an overall analysis of your website and its structure, competitor research, keyword analysis, research, and implementation, and ideas for improving content.

  • Why is an SEO audit important?

    The basic purpose of an SEO audit is to identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses. It details the potential of your site’s long-term success and highlights key areas for improvement that will get your site ranking better in search results and, ultimately, generate more traffic. Once you have identified issues, you can work with an SEO expert to create your SEO strategy.

  • How much does an SEO audit cost?

    The cost of an SEO audit can vary. There is a suite of free tools that let you audit your site yourself, but these often give generic tips that aren’t geared towards your specific needs. If you want to get to the bottom of your site’s issues and create a roadmap for implementing improvements, your best bet is to work with an SEO specialist which will be a bigger investment.


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Here’s a look at the results our past clients have achieved with an SEO audit:


Decrease in CPL

“Working with Zengrowth has helped us to scale our marketing campaigns. We love how supportive they are and constantly are looking for new ways to make things work.”

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

Corporate Campaign Manager


Increase in qualified leads

“Zengrowth has been instrumental in helping us generate B2B engagement across digital channels. We can always count on them to combine fresh ideas with exceptional results, and that’s why we love working with them.”


Torsten Müller

VP Marketing at Urban Sports Club

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