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We’ll define your lead gen strategy, find you a perfect channel mix, and drive more leads directly to your sales pipeline. See how.

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Go beyond scheduling ads and crafting campaigns

Our experienced lead gen experts take a holistic look at your growth marketing channels and take charge of the entire setup. They test, experiment, and reiterate. And their likelihood of success is high because they’ve already done it for the top companies in tech such as TravelPerk, Typeform, and Zalando among others.


Now, let’s see how we can help you with your lead generation strategy

lead generation

Define your lead gen strategy

Channel and data analysis, ICP creation, buyer journey established, action plan

channel mix

Find your ideal channel mix

Experimentation backlog strategy for each channel

decrease cpc

Decrease your CPL

Paid campaign optimization, fine tuning campaigns or new campaign creation, target persona refinement

increase acquisition

Increase acquisition of MQLs & SQLs

ABM (Account based marketing) campaigns, paid advertising, content marketing & SEO, lifecycle marketing outreach automation, landing page CRO

scale lead generation

Scale your lead gen operations

Assembling a lead gen squad of marketers, implementation, experimentation, fine turning, repeating


Train & elevate the skills of your team

One or two-day onsite or remote workshop using proven frameworks, regular coaching and mentoring


Now, Let’s Answer Your Burning Questions

  • What is the process of lead generation?

    We believe the lead generation process starts much before scheduling ads, designing campaigns, or crafting content. Here’s how we do it: We will first conduct a full audit of your marketing channels, ask questions about your personas and their journey, and get information on your CAC (cost per acquisition), ARPA (average revenue per account), target CPL (cost per lead) and other key metrics. Then, we will design a strategy that’s unique for your business model, CPL, and marketing goals. Next, we will propose concrete channels and campaigns that we will prioritize with your team. We will make sure tracking is implemented correctly or help you set it up if necessary. Finally, we will repurpose your existing or create new content for campaigns, run experiments, and track the results, adjusting our campaigns as we go.

  • Are lead generation companies worth it?

    We cannot speak for others, but we are pretty sure (ok, completely sure) we can help you grow your leads. We’re unlike a regular lead generation agency. Why? Because we have done it successfully for a variety of B2B SaaS companies of different sizes and industries. If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we are serious about hiring the best talent in tech.

    This means you’ll be working with senior lead gen experts (like Sophie) who have implemented lead generation strategies and helped clients decrease their CPL and increase their marketing and sales qualified leads within weeks. Is it worth it then? We let you decide.

  • How much do lead generation companies charge?

    It will all depend on your current budget, CPL, ARPA, LTV and other metrics that characterize your business. Based on these numbers, we will propose a lead generation strategy that works uniquely for you and that’s designed to bring you immediate results to ensure the ROI. For more details, schedule a consultation session with us!

  • What does a lead generation specialist do?

    You can see our lead generation experts as an extension of your own team. We will form a squad of experienced growth marketers who are simply great at what they do. Depending on your needs, channels, and type of campaigns, we will bring on a growth strategist, data analyst, lifecycle marketer, content specialist, SEO expert, SEM marketer, and/or a designer. Each will contribute to meeting your lead generation goals whether it’s lowering your CPL, improving lead quality, or increasing your MQLs or SQLs. Best thing? You can ask them anything and learn along the way too.


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Let’s look at the results our client achieved with lead generation


Increase in qualified leads

“Zengrowth has been instrumental in helping us generate B2B engagement across digital channels. We can always count on them to combine fresh ideas with exceptional results, and that’s why we love working with them.”


Torsten Müller

VP Marketing at Urban Sports Club


Decrease in CPL

“Working with Zengrowth has helped us to scale our marketing campaigns. We love how supportive they are and constantly are looking for new ways to make things work.”

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

Corporate Campaign Manager

Time to get serious about your lead generation. We can help.

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Sophie Steffen
Lead Generation Expert


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Sophie Steffen
Lead Generation Expert