Identify High-Potential Customers and Unlock Your Most Valuable Opportunities

Stop trying to resonate with everyone. Instead, deliver targeted and tailored messages to high-value prospects with the help of a powerful account based marketing agency. Here’s how.

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Close bigger and better contracts with tailored communications

The big fish companies you’re looking to sign aren’t one-man-bands. They’re built on a hierarchy of gatekeepers each looking to find the best deal for their own needs. We’re pros at knowing what it takes to engage key accounts and reach, impact, and influence every employee that matters. Trim the fat and stay top-of-mind with the help of an account based marketing agency that engages and converts the right people at the right time. Find out how.


How we help you identify and target key accounts


Identify high-potential companies

Use customer research and data patterns to cherry pick the most valuable opportunities in your network.

Customer identification

Create personalized campaigns

Craft personalized messages built for conversion that resonate with each individual account.

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Reach key decision makers

Set up and monitor well-positioned ad campaigns on sites most likely to be seen by key decision makers.

decrease cpc

Optimize spending and conversions

Hone in on what really matters and only deliver communication that counts. It’s time to cut the fluff.

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Run automated marketing campaigns

Unlock high-value opportunities on autopilot with campaigns built to engage warm leads.

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Measure performance

Track and monitor your performance across all channels so you don’t waste a single dollar.


Let’s Get Your Questions Answered

  • What is account based marketing?

    Account based marketing (ABM) is a focused approach to targeting high-value companies (also known as “accounts” in the industry). It works by identifying your top opportunities and creating targeted communications made especially for key decision makers. The idea is that quality matters far more than quantity, where landing big contracts is better than landing lots of little ones.

  • Why is account based marketing important?

    The biggest selling point of ABM is it helps you structure your marketing efforts and focus on targeting key decision makers. It limits the number of dead ends you might come up against by integrating sales and marketing to reach the biggest, most engaged contacts in your network.

  • What does working with an account based marketing agency look like?

    There are three key steps involved in an ABM strategy (each step has lots of different elements, though). Firstly, you have to identify the right accounts to target, then research them to find out what kind of information they need to create a slick buying process. Finally, you need to create tailored messaging and design a high-touch marketing plan that delivers the right information at exactly the right time.

  • Why should I consider account based marketing?

    ABM might be more time-intensive than other marketing tactics, but it gives you far more bang for your buck. By identifying key decision makers and creating content just for them, you’re essentially skipping straight to the part that matters. This means you can land bigger, better contracts on a tighter budget.


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Here’s a look at the results our past clients have achieved with account based marketing:


Decrease in CPL

“Working with Zengrowth has helped us to scale our marketing campaigns. We love how supportive they are and constantly are looking for new ways to make things work.”

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

Corporate Campaign Manager


Increase in qualified leads

“Zengrowth has been instrumental in helping us generate B2B engagement across digital channels. We can always count on them to combine fresh ideas with exceptional results, and that’s why we love working with them.”


Torsten Müller

VP Marketing at Urban Sports Club

It’s time to get serious about your account based marketing strategy. We can help.

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