B2B growth doesn't have to be stressful

Are you trying to raise funds for your startup and struggling to answer investor questions about your data strategy, customer behavior, and projected growth outlook? You’ve come to the right place. We help you nail your fundraising round by providing the data foundation and growth strategy you need to prove traction and convince investors of your potential.

How it works

Step 1: Data Foundation

Being able to show that you’re tracking and leveraging your data correctly is key to fundraising success. Your growth journey starts by laying a data foundation that takes the guesswork out of this important step and provides insights you can rely on.


Step 2: A Proven-to-Work-for-You Growth Strategy

With your data foundation set it’s time to focus on proving traction and showing your growth potential. In Step 2, we’ll ID the obstacles to conversion and find the channels that work for you. In the end, you’ll have a strategy that works for you, an outlook of your potential when it comes to customer acquisition, and a concrete understanding of the media budget you’ll need to reach it.

Step 1: Data Foundation

Start seeing results after 1 week

What you get:

A compact audit of your startup’s data

A definition of the KPIs you should be tracking

Implementation of tags on your most critical tracking points in a GTM container

A Google Analytics Dashboard connected to your tracking points

A data roadmap for your startup that guides you to the right steps at the right time

What investors like:

See how your track customer behavior and how you measure acquisition and activation

Have a foundation set up by a BI expert that provides data insights you can rely on

Get an outlook of how your startup will leverage data in the future to grow more efficiently

What we need from you:

Demo of your product

Access to your product backend

Access to your tools and analytics

Access to internal documentation (information about ICPs, brand guidelines, style guides, etc.)

30 minutes a week for an update call (or more if you prefer)

Step 2: A Proven-to-Work-for-You Growth Strategy

Start seeing results after 90 days

What you get:

An audit of your website and channels to surface any obstacles to conversion

Identification of the right KPIs to track customer acquisition, activation, and retention

A multi-channel strategy for traction and growth that works for your startup

A projection of the kind of growth you can expect and the media budget you’ll need to do it

A team to set up your marketing tools and run the ads - no effort needed on your end

What investors like:

Be able to share concrete insights on customer acquisition and activation

Be able to project your growth - and revenue - potential

Be able to define how much of your fundraising will go to marketing and prove the ROI

What we need from you:

Access to your social media accounts

Access to your website backend

Access to your CMS, tools, and analytics

30 minutes of your time each week for a check in

Package price starts at 11,500€ per month (including the media budget)

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Funded companies we helped so far


Increase in qualified leads

“We get to work with true experts every day who help us launch, test, and validate new channels. Since engaging with Zengrowth, our number of qualified leads has increased more than 300% which helped us prove first traction to investors during Series A round.”

Veronika Riederle

Co-Founder & CEO at Demodesk


Decrease in CPL

“Working with Zengrowth has helped us to scale our marketing campaigns. We love how supportive they are and constantly are looking for new ways to make things work.”

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

David Samuel Asiedu Poku

Corporate Campaign Manager at Cosmo Consult


Pre-signups for the product

“We’re a young fintech startup that empowers parents to save for their children’s future. To test our MVP for future users and investors, we drove brand awareness with a limited campaign budget. Zengrowth’s team systematically tested a mix of paid and organic channels, delivered data insights, and generated 2.5k pre-sign ups for our product.”

Christina Hammer

CMO & Co-founder at Clanq


decrease in Cost per Conversion

“Zengrowth team helped us define our Ideal Customer Profile and delivered a data and growth strategy that helped us reach a steady MoM growth in marketing qualified leads (MQLs) during the critical Seed round.”

Dr. Patrick Oehler

Co-founder & Managing Director at Retorio


Increase in qualified leads

“Zengrowth has been instrumental in helping us generate B2B engagement across digital channels. We can always count on them to combine fresh ideas with exceptional results, and that’s why we love working with them.”


Torsten Müller

VP Marketing at Urban Sports Club

Frequently asked questions

Discover how our package helps you align with investors

  • Will I get support with storylining my data for investor updates?

    Yes. Our BI specialist has a solid track record of working with high-growth startups and will advise on how to present and storyline your data insights. This will help you communicate your startup’s potential more effectively to investors.

  • Do you provide support with investor deck creation?

    Yes.  Our team will provide feedback on your deck storyline and how to best leverage data insights. If needed, we can also provide hands-on graphic design support for the creation of the deck itself.

  • Which metrics will the package help me track?

    Our package will help you track customer acquisition and activation and will also give you a growth and revenue projection. If you choose to work with us after the 90 day program, we’ll be able to track the data to give further insights into customer retention.

  • Will the package help me define the Cost of Customer Acquisition?

    Yes. You’ll receive insights into the Cost of Customer Acquisition during Step 2 of the package. During this step, we’ll provide you with a projection for growth and the budget you would need in terms of paid media to reach this.

  • Will the package help me define the Customer Lifetime Value of my customers?

    It depends. To calculate Customer Lifetime Value you need about 1.5 years of historical data, generated from paying customers. If you have this, we’re happy to help you get these insights. If not, we’ll set up your data foundation so that you’ll be able to calculating CLV efficiently once you’re at the stage to do so.

  • What if I already have a data foundation in place?

    We believe in efficiency and speed. Our BI specialist will assess the data foundation you have in place and if everything looks good, we’re happy to move you along to Step 2 immediately.