How We Helped Urban Sports Club Achieve 400% Revenue Growth

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The challenge at Urban Sports Club was to increase awareness amongst the B2B segment and also to build a marketing unit that delivered qualified B2B leads in a consistent, predictable and sustainable manner.


Zengrowth helped build & scale the B2B side of the business in 7 months. The concrete results of our collaboration:





Urban Sports Club Placeholder

How Zengrowth boosted growth

We started out by first identifying and understanding the Ideal Current Profile (ICP).

We then analysed the past data of channels & contacts in the CRM to chalk out the buyer’s journey.

All these insights helped us in creating a solid foundation to implement our content marketing strategy in order to generate qualified leads consistently.

We also set-up a growth-framework for rapid experimentation, defined manageable and clear KPIs for sales & marketing and prioritised channels and experiments.

Additionally, we defined a clear roadmap with timelines and distributed assignments to stakeholders. All mission-critical channels were taken over by Zengrowth Growth Marketers:

● Strategic Growth & GTM

● Content Marketing & Design

● Paid Advertising (Adwords, LinkedIn)

● Account Based Marketing

● Blog Design Development

● Data & Attribution

Urban Sports Club Chart

The graph above describes the growth trend for generating marketing qualified leads in a 7-month period. To achieve this, we ran tons of experiments on multiple channels following our growth hacking process.

This is the result of experimentation, regular data analysis and continuous optimisation.

We are now in the scaling phase having achieved more MQLs, lower CPLs and a system for growth. Currently,  our core focus is on long-term growth channels making sure that we deliver consistent performance regularly.


A word from our partner


Increase in qualified leads

“We love working with Zengrowth. You get the feeling that everybody really cares about our success. The people that we work with on an operational basis are also very experienced and bring in a lot of knowledge into the organization. That is essential for our growth not only in Germany, but also for our international markets and local country managers.”


Torsten Müller

VP, Marketing and Communications - Urban Sports Club

Marco at Urban Sports Club

Marco (CEO Zengrowth) during a year planning session with USC

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