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The core challenge at Retorio was to set-up a stable and consistent lead generation channel. Retorio was also restricted due to limited internal resources and capabilities.


Retorio, an organisation specialising in AI video recruiting and soft skills assessment software, was looking at optimising their lead generation process and streamlining marketing automation.

They also needed to identify the right target audience consisting of recruiters and HR professionals.

Zengrowth helped them achieve commendable results through their growth hacking process. Below are the highlights of our fruitful collaboration:


Linkedin avg leads/month


Adwords avg leads/month


Decrease in Cost per conversion

How Zengrowth boosted growth

To begin with, the Zengrowth team identified the right target audience and optimised it at regular intervals.

We ran several retargeting campaigns to drive brand awareness and boost conversions.

This was complemented with our growth hacking strategy, resorting to rapid experimentation and iterations to identify the most impactful tools. We did A/B testing for creatives, ad copies and even CTAs (Call-to-action).

The team also deployed an effective bidding strategy by constantly adjusting bids to ensure we utilise our budgets and resources to the optimum.

Zengrowth Growth Marketers provided:

  • Paid Advertising
  • Outreach Consulting
  • Content Marketing

Retorio Chart Graph


  • Built a steady and consistent lead generation channel
  • LinkedIn: Generated avg 20 leads/month (200+ leads over 10 months)
  • CTR improved from 0.59% to 1.55%
  • Cost per conversion: 69% decrease
  • Adwords:Generated avg 55 leads/month (550+ leads over 10 months)


What our partners are saying

“Zengrowth has been a blessing for us. The team has been instrumental for our growth while we raised a Series B round. Being inspired by smart minds with real expertise is a constant flow of WOW moments.”

Anja Zschörnig

Head of Marketing at Loyalty Prime


Increase in qualified leads

“We get to work with true experts every day who help us launch, test, and validate new channels. Since engaging with Zengrowth, our number of qualified leads has increased more than 300% which helped us prove first traction to investors during Series A round.”

Veronika Riederle

Co-Founder & CEO at Demodesk

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