How Zenhire Provides Peaceful Parental Leave for Marketers

By borka ·  November 27, 2020

Hooray!!! Someone on your marketing team just found out they are expecting a child. As you can imagine, their first reactions are probably joy, fear, excitement and more joy.

Finding out you are having a baby is a surreal feeling. But when the elation fades and reality kicks in, many people start to think about all the responsibilities on their plate – especially at work.

Maybe you are planning a major marketing campaign or managing content that can’t be put on pause. Who will take care of it when your employee leaves? Where will you find someone with the right skills? How do you know they will keep the momentum going?

It is completely normal to worry about finding a maternity leave (or paternity leave) replacement, but it should not cause anyone stress and uncertainty. Parents have enough to think about with a growing family and companies typically already have their hands full with a growing business. 

This is exactly why Zenhire was created. Zenhire is a new platform created to help you find the ideal maternity (or paternity) leave replacement to keep your marketing moving forward. By focusing only on marketing positions, Zenhire developed a network of top-quality talent around the world with the skill sets to handle all your immediate marketing needs across all disciplines. 

Parental leave has become an important topic for businesses. Let’s take a quick look at why your company should be thinking more about maternity and paternity leave and anticipating that surprise announcement.

Parental Leave Benefits Moms, Dads, Kids AND Your Company

Study after study has shown that parental leave benefits everyone, including the employer. For businesses, parental leave can seem like an unwanted cost as well as a disruption in workflow. But in reality, generous parental leave policies can actually help with productivity, retention and even company loyalty. 

On a larger scale, when mothers have adequate parental leave, it can lead to lower infant mortality rates, health benefits for the mother, and higher female labor force participation. For fathers who take parental leave, studies show they are more engaged in their kids’ lives, which has tremendous long-term benefits for children. 

It might come as a surprise that a productivity experiment in California found that the majority of employers reported (89%) that paid parental leave had either a “positive effect” or “no noticeable effect” on productivity. And, it was even higher for profitability (91%), low turnover (96%) and increased employee morale (99%).

So there you have it. Parental leave is beneficial for everyone involved, but that does not mean it is easy. In fact, finding a replacement for high-performing employees can oftentimes feel impossible. 

mom and baby

Finding the Right Parental Leave Replacement Can be Super Challenging 

Where am I going to find a replacement that can step right in without missing a beat? Who is willing to do it for only a short-term – typically only 6-8 months?

Most employers do not even know where to start in answering these questions. Local short-term employment agencies do not offer a wide range of skill levels, and finding an experienced marketer willing to work short term on your own is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

While finding and hiring a replacement can be expensive and time-consuming for the employer, there is also an emotional strain on the outgoing employee. 

Expecting parents often feel nervous about leaving their job and responsibilities to someone else. Will the replacement derail everything they’ve worked so hard to set up? Will they change directions without informing them? The transition to parental leave is packed with a range of emotions. The best thing that can happen for the employee is that they leave knowing their work will be handled properly.  

The stress and emotions caused by parental leave for both the company and the employee are real. It is the exact reason Zenhire was born!

A Happy Pregnancy Announcement Led to a Happy Business Idea

Our talented Chief Operating Officer, Marta, was expecting her first baby. We were all so happy for her! But 3 weeks before going on her maternity leave, in the 37th week of pregnancy, we still had not found a replacement.

Marta was leading the search, while she also continued to handle a host of other projects in progress. She worked on rebranding strategies for clients and managed operations for Zengrowth. Who would take all this over?

She continued to work hard, knowing that any day she could go into labor and leave the unfinished tasks floating with no one to complete them. We were in this undesirable position because finding someone with the right experience and cultural fit was not easy and took weeks.

During this stressful period, our Founder and CEO, Marco van Bree had a thought: “If we have this problem, surely others do too.” So we talked to other marketing and HR leaders asking them how they handle parental leave in their teams.

The consensus was that there was no clear solution. Most companies gave extra responsibilities to the team members, yet specialized tasks were put on hold. Every person we spoke to talked about the added stress. This is not good for anyone, especially those going through a pregnancy! There had to be a better way. 

This is why Zenhire was developed. We have a simple mission to reduce stress for the parents-to-be and team leaders by finding them an ideal replacement.

Maternity leave

Oh, we should add that in the end we found a replacement for Marta and she had a beautiful baby daughter.

How Zenhire Works

Zenhire was born out of a need from our clients and our own experience trying to fill parental leave positions with senior marketing roles. We work with a network of contractors who are experts in digital and performance marketing including SEO, design, content, and more.

The planning process with Zenhire is designed to remove stress and make a smooth transition. Ideally, you want to hire someone while your employee is still at work to do a handoff and show the new employee the ropes.

The Zenhire process is simple:

  1. Describe your perfect candidate. You fill out a quick project brief with the technical and soft skills required.
  2. Zenhire gets to work. Based on the brief and a first introduction call, we’ll select a few suitable candidates from our network. You are involved early to help screen and interview.
  3. Finalize the contract. Congratulations! You’ve found the right person. You can finalize the hire by filling out the contract online. 
  4. Onboard and relax. Your replacement is ready to work. Together we set up Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and a regular reporting process. There is at least one round of feedback after the first month and after the last month. 
Set up Zenhire

Zenhire is involved in every step of the way. Unlike a hiring service, we maintain a relationship with each client to ensure the parental leave replacements are performing at the highest level.

Peaceful Parental Leave with Zenhire

Going on parental leave is one of the most important life events for your employee. It shouldn’t be stressful for them or for you.

Zenhire’s mission is to remove stress by helping companies find experienced and driven people who will take full ownership of the important projects immediately. 

Learn more about Zenhire and how you can find your next parental leave replacement.

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