Why Traditional Outsourcing Doesn’t Work With Growth

By mia ·  November 19, 2021

Outsourcing gets a bad rap.

Too often, agencies unconsciously force transactional relationships and do the bare minimum for their clients, leaving companies feeling neglected and unable to reach their goals.

There’s a reason it has a bad reputation though.

When you outsource, you’re essentially bringing in an agency that doesn’t know a lot about your business and that may not even have your businesses’ best interests at heart.

When it comes to outsourcing growth marketing, things tend to get additionally complicated. Your worry of getting lost in the shuffle is legit.

However, there is another way.

Instead, you can rely on an external partner – or an external team of partners – that works as an extension of your in-house team. Having one point of contact and someone who understands the ins and outs of your business can help you establish stable and predictable growth without the negatives that come with agency outsourcing.

Hiring an External Partner vs. Outsourcing

It may seem like we’re only playing with semantics here, but hear us out. There is a big difference between traditional outsourcing and hiring an external partner.


Keep on reading to discover why choosing an external partner opposed to outsourcing is the way to go when it comes to growth.

What Makes Growth so Challenging

There isn’t a silver bullet to growth. Let’s take a look at the biggest challenges you’re up against as a growth-minded business.

1. Understanding Customer Needs

It takes time to get to know your customers and their unique needs. Before you start putting strategies in place and experimenting with profit-boosting activities, you need to really dig into who you’re serving. The challenge? It’s surprisingly easy to mix your assumptions with facts, which as a result can lead to missed targets.

Pro Tip: Check out our free-to-copy template for creating ideal customer profiles.

2. Lack of Time

It takes time to grow a business. There’s no such thing as overnight success. To make it, you need to try things out, measure the results, and optimize your efforts. Obviously, this can take a ton of time, especially if you’re not entirely sure which growth activities to start with.

Pro Tip: Try implementing a prioritization system such as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to ensure you’re not wasting time on tasks that don’t bring results.

3. Lack of In-house Expertise

New businesses often don’t have the needed in-house expertise to create huge growth campaigns. As a result, they end up running smaller, unsuccessful marketing efforts that don’t quite hit the spot. It can take time to get your brand to a position where you can hire dedicated team members to focus on key growth activities, especially if you’re running low on cash.

Pro Tip: Instead of going all in when it comes to growth, start by conquering one channel at the time. For most startups and scaleups, building a core team can be a challenge, which is why it’s common to have people who are generalists and wearing multiple hats, and then seeking external help from specialists.

Zengrowth’s experts have helped clients increase the number of their leads by up to 700%. Intrigued?


4. Identifying New Opportunities

While you’re working in your business, you’re probably not working on your business as much as you’d like. This means you might end up missing out on some great opportunities simply because you’re focusing on operational work. However, identifying potential growth activities is crucial if you want to scale.

Pro Tip: Learn how to delegate and set time aside for strategic work as well. Consider hiring external experts for one-off projects such as setting the content strategy or doing market research. This is how you can ensure a nice top view over the current position of your company and make an informed decision about the next strategic steps.

5. Retaining Customers

Existing customers are often your most profitable customers. Keeping them on side is vital for business growth, despite the temptation to focus solely on landing new customers. It’s definitely not easy to balance client acquisition and retention.

Pro Tip: Continuously monitor customer health and look for efficient ways to improve customer satisfaction. Rely on financial data to properly divide efforts between lead generation and encouraging customer loyalty. Check out our ebook to learn how to increase the number of your leads by 700%.

How to Evaluate a Potential External Partner

When it comes to choosing a potential partner, it’s crucial that you take into account your in-house team, your business goals, and the growth you want to achieve.

Think about choosing partners that:

  • Have specific expertise in an area you need
  • Have a proven track record working with similar clients
  • Can dedicate the amount of time and effort you need
  • Understand your goals and vision
  • Are willing to become an extension of your in-house team

Partners that can cover all these bullet points will have your best interests at heart and set you up for growth.

Okay, but how do you make sure the experts you choose fit all of these points?

How Zengrowth Works

At Zengrowth, we assemble the growth squads and give you direct access to our experts so you can stay in the loop at all times. This is how we ensure you’re set up for success.

Take lead generation, for example.

We handpick experts based on your needs, the channels you use, and the types of campaigns you hope to run.

This might include a growth strategist, a data analyst, a lifecycle marketer, a content specialist, an SEO expert, an SEM marketer, and a designer.

Instead of having one or two agency staff working on these (that might also outsource various parts), you get qualified experts who know exactly what they’re doing. No teams working in silence, no misunderstandings.

Being able to reach out to any one of your team of experts at any given time eliminates any miscommunication and means your assembled team has a better understanding of who you are and what you need from them. You can work directly with growth seniors from the world’s top tech companies who will help inspire your efforts, strategize, implement, and recalibrate.

Each of our experts has a proven track record of driving growth for renowned global companies like Blinkist, Zalando, Demodesk, Philips, TeamViewer, Typeform, and more.

Schedule a discovery call with Zengrowth to explore how we can help your company grow.


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