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Marco van Bree

Growth Marketer & Teamlead

  • München Germany (+01:00)
  • Dutch, English, German
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Marco van Bree

Growth Marketer & Teamlead

  • München Germany (+01:00)
  • Dutch, English, German
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I’m a passionate growth marketer who has led and consulted SaaS marketing teams for the last 5 years. I love strategy as a whole and I am always analyzing how businesses can fuel their growth. It’s not without reason that I’m also a dedicated chess player. I can help you create a comprehensive growth marketing strategy, hire amazingly talented people, report to investors and create drilled-down forecasts.

Contact me if you would like :

  • Growth and marketing strategy / Roadmapping, budgeting, acquisition strategy, funnel AARRR auditing and optimization and everything in-between
  • Tracking & Attribution / Tool implementation, data-driven management, analysis & optimization
  • Lead Generation / Automated email marketing processes, qualification funnels, segmented A/B Testing, CRM Management (SFC, HS, Pipedrive)
  • Performance Marketing / Strategy, execution and analysis. Focus on targeting precision, cost-efficiency, performance of ad-creatives (adwords & bing). I’m fluent with Analytics, Excel, Data-Studio & Google Tag Manager
  • Content Marketing / Focus on SEO, content writing (own team), lead generation, native advertising, content syndication & promotion.
  • Sales Enablement Strategy / Sales Process Optimization, Sales playbooks & best-practices
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Tools


Growth and Marketing Strategy

I can help you create a growth strategy from the ground up. This means calculating and projecting your costs, budgets, CPLs, CACs, leads, pay-back time and CLTV. Based on that, we dive deep into what team and requirements are needed to achieve those goals. Then we look into channels and tactics and how they work together to produce effective results. For this we use the ARPA-CAC framework and come up with dynamic strategies to acquire low-touch leads that need nurturing and on the other hand high-quality leads with a higher CAC.

If all of these acronyms seem unfamiliar to you, you should definitely work with me - a SaaS company depends on knowing and measuring all metrics. Once we have set our projections, we can then drive growth.

Tracking & Attribution

I can help you with everything related to reporting, tracking and attributing. This means connecting different tools, pulling analyses and getting a deep-dive on every stage in the funnel. I use tools like Segment, Mixpanel, Analytics and many more.

Lead Generation

I can help you with Outbound email marketing processes. Together, we set up a scalable foundation with all the right tools in place: Reply, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Front. With this process, you will get qualified contact data from your target audience and be able to contact them immediately via e-mail. The contacts generated via email can then be managed in one place both by your SDR and BDR teams. This leads to qualified lead generation and can boost your MRR.

Content Marketing

I can help with on-page SEO and UX optimization, classification and quick wins such as tags/descriptions. I work together with my team to provide a quality content strategy and produce copy that converts customers. We work on gated content to generate subscribers or leads and promote content through owned or media channels to get more attention.

Sales Enablement

I can help with your content distribution social media strategy. We can explore channels like Quora, Growth Hackers, or LinkedIn articles to promote your content. I can help you come up with a social media posting calendar applying different tactics for each channel (e.g. Instagram VS LinkedIn).




Responsible for acquisition, finance, HR

Freelance Consultant


Interim Head of Marketing / Growth Consultant at:
Urban Sports Club
Messe Muenchen
Loyalty Prime
And more

Head of Marketing


Lead, control and develop all marketing activities including responsibility over 6-digit budget
Drive lead generation, quarterly projections, meet MRR goals
Create foundational processes, optimize structures, align team efforts
Develop the brand internally and externally
Lead & Develop 7-headed marketing team

Affiliate Marketing & Cooperations


Lead affiliate partner management worldwide (acquire, scale, control)
Create and execute CPL, CPC, CPI campaigns
Internationalization projects

Product Marketing


Launch new products in EU Markets
Content Marketing & storytelling
Internationalization projects


Google Analytics, Segment

Used for marketing analysis, attribution and data syncing between apps


Used for setting up sales processes and aligning marketing and sales teams


Used for setting up and managing lead nurturing campaigns


Used for managing customer communications and managing inbound leads on the website


Used for running A/B tests for on-page optimizations in copy to increase conversions


Used for keyword & gap analyses to find out which content should be focused on


Used for email outbound campaigns to set up scheduled cadences and generate a flow of outbound leads


Used to manage all lead communications in one central hub

Achieve results faster with a clearly mapped growth roadmap. One step at the time.

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Marco Van Bree
Founder @ Zengrowth

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Marco Van Bree
Founder @ Zengrowth