Kyle Thomas

SEO and Product Marketing Consultant

  • Berlin Germany (+02:00 UTC)
  • English
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Kyle Thomas

SEO and Product Marketing Consultant

  • Berlin Germany (+02:00 UTC)
  • English
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I am an SEO and product marketing expert with 6 years of experience. I help companies achieve scalable and sustainable growth by providing high quality insights through SEO strategies and technical optimisation. With SEO being my core competence, I am able to provide recommendations that take both the content and technical aspects into consideration, providing an holistic approach that drives effective growth strategies.

Contact me if you would like to:

  • Boost your content marketing
  • Optimise the performance of your website
  • Develop new initiatives with your technologies
  • Improve both the technical and on-site SEO
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Consult a technical project manager

All my projects are carried out with these four principles in mind:

  • Clear communication
  • Critical thinking
  • High quality insights and recommendations
  • Service with a smile :)
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Tools
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Content marketing

Content marketing is key to achieving success when it comes to digital marketing. With competition being high, and users expecting more, it is important to deliver the right content at the right time. By gaining a clear understanding of your users and their funnel, we are best able to create a content strategy that attracts users at different stages of the customer journey. I firmly believe that there are no shortcuts and quality is key in achieving your content goals.


With over 6 years of experience in SEO, I am able to assist in all areas of the discipline with high quality insights and recommendations. A large focus for me is always to first ensure a solid technical foundation is in place. From here on out, it is all about optimisation as we see the organic traffic growing from our content and on-site efforts. SEO is all about constant improvement and reiteration.

A large aspect of SEO is understanding how to effectively serve users in different languages. Therefore I strongly believe in a high quality localisation approach.

Technical Project Management & Product Owner

This involves all aspects of how to improve your digital offering to best suit your business objectives. From performance optimisations of your website to provide that slick user experience, to CMS optimisation for your employees, I am able to assist across the board. The link between your website or app and the users is of utmost importance, and something that should be reiterated on with testing and improvement.

Over the course of my career, I have worked on developing new blogs and websites. Working with developers and stakeholders, I am able to efficiently get projects done from initiation to completion. I also take on the tasks of website management and maintenance ensuring the properties are clean of errors and up to date with regards to their respective frameworks.

Measurement and Testing

The most important aspect of digital marketing comes down to our measurement and understanding of the data. This is a key component in getting the advantage over competitors. By basing our decisions on data, we are making informed choices of how to proceed with strategies and furthermore how to shift our strategies if needed, to achieve the desired result.

In digital marketing, everything can be tested and measured. The A/B testing mindset should be adopted and applied to all disciplines. With testing, you are able to see best, what works for you and what does not. Once you find this, you test again, & rinse and repeat for best results over time.


Product Marketing Consultant


Responsible for scoping and managing development projects, SEO and content strategies.

Head of SEO


I am currently serving as the Head of SEO at Blacklane where I am involved in various initiatives that have brought business success. Apart from owning the SEO strategy, I am the product owner of the blog and have taken on the role of being the technical project manager for marketing, when working with product and engineering.

My key roles and responsibilities are :

- Working together with my team to implement the developed SEO strategies across the website
- Owning the creation and management of the SEO onsite and offsite strategy whilst being solely responsible for all technical fixes and recommendations.
- Technical project manager for the marketing team Product owner of the Blog
- Technical website maintenance and CMS Optimisation
- Content strategy for website and blog in terms of organic acquisition which includes localisation A/B testing and data analysis

SEO Specialist

iProsepct South Africa

As an SEO specialist, I managed a portfolio of 3 clients.

The main clients I took care of were Tsogo Sun Hotel and Entertainment Group, Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Santam Insurance.

My role was to create and coordinate both the on and offsite SEO strategy for these brands, working closely with their product and marketing teams. I was also heavily involved in pitching, working closely together with the team in winning new clients handling the organic strategy.

SEO Strategist

ROI Digital

My first experience in SEO was at ROI Digital where I moved from intern to apprentice to an SEO strategist in 6 months. As an SEO strategist, I handled a portfolio of 5 clients with a strong focus on technical SEO. Apart from monthly client work, I would be involved in conducting technical audits and be a part of pitching our service to potential clients.


SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, Answer The Public, Search Metrics, AHREFs, MOZ, Conductor, Screaming Frog , Deep Crawl & OnCrawl

SEO related tools going from technical to on-site.


Used for managing newsletter and lead gen campaigns, integrations with WordPress, email design, GDPR compliance.


Used for managing all customer communications: onboarding, retention, and upsell email sequences.

Google Analytics, GTM, Snowplough and Google Search Console

Tracking and analytics.

App Store Connect, Google Play Console

App store optimization for mobile apps.

Wordpress, Contentful, TYPO3

Content management systems.


Used for tool integration.

Optimizely & Google Optimize

A/B testing.

Trello, Monday, Asana, Jira, Confluence

Used for managing projects and tasks.

Reviews (3)

Aidan Blundell

Head of SEO at iProspect

Kyle has an ability to not only soak up information thrown at him, but seek out information as enthusiastically. This is something few people have as part of their personality. This desire to learn has led him to grow leaps and bounds within the SEO department at ROI Digital. He is always up for a challenge, will take on more responsibility, no questions, and makes sure he delivers.

His passion for all things digital drives his entrepreneurial mind when it comes to strategies for clients. The mix between logic and creativity makes Kyle a pleasure to work with. Kyle is quite sociable and this helps him integrate into the work place very easily. He is a great team member and very dependable, I would recommend him for any team.

February, 2015 Berlin, Germany

Skye MacInnes

Senior SEO Executive at MediaVision

Kyle is a keen, enthusiastic worker and has outstanding people skills to boot. I really enjoyed training and working alongside him.

July, 2015 Berlin, Germany

Sarah Sawan

Platform Project Manager at Zalando

It was an awesome experience working with Kyle. He is very bright, supportive, and project oriented!

July, 2014 Berlin, Germany

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