Kajetan Walczak

Performance Marketing Specialist

  • Wroclaw Poland (+01:00)
  • English, Polish
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Kajetan Walczak

Performance Marketing Specialist

  • Wroclaw Poland (+01:00)
  • English, Polish
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I believe in marketing based on creativity and a data-driven approach and I think the future is in unique ideas boosted by AI-based marketing distribution. I try to follow this attitude in my last 6 years of work as a performance marketing specialist where I consulted and ran campaigns for dozens of companies of all sizes. I can help you to analyze your marketing activities, run paid campaigns in Google Ads or any other channel, perform A/B tests to improve your conversion rate and make sure your money is spent the right way.

Contact me if you:

  • don’t use Google Ads and you feel your customers are in there looking for a business like yours
  • use Google ads, Facebook ads or any other paid channels and you want to increase your sales
  • need more ideas on how to improve your campaigns and you’d like to audit your or your agency activities
  • would like to improve the conversion rate on your website
  • want to implement analytics tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics
  • would like to get more customer insights, create reports or dashboards with your marketing results and analyze your marketing activities
  • want to run more A/B tests and create a testing culture in your company
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Search Engine Campaigns

I can help you to create and develop your marketing in Google Ads, Bing Ads and other search engines to make sure you reach your potential clients and generate conversions in the most optimal and cost-effective way. I’ve done campaigns with companies of all types & sizes and I believe Google Ads is the right channel for 99% of businesses. I specialize in B2B SaaS marketing where I have the most experience. If you’d like to know more about my approach to modern campaign optimization, you can read more on Zengrowth's blog. Every Google Ads account can be optimized, in this case, the sky's the limit so if you’d like to talk about cooperation or an audit of your current campaigns - let me know.

Social Ads

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Quora are powerful channels where you can reach your potential customers with your content and align your paid activities with your other channels and organic strategy. If you can’t achieve your goals using these channels or you’d like to try them - I can help with that.

Digital Analytics

Beneath every data point, there are human beings with their needs and objections and it’s crucial to understand them as good as possible to adjust your marketing and product communication. Flawless analytics tools implementation is also important to feed your paid channels with high-quality data, measure your campaigns, and simply - make the right business decisions. If you see sudden changes in your users’ behavior and you don’t understand why - I can try to help.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing Page creation and optimization is a big part of success in your marketing campaigns so if you want to make sure your Google Ads are well-optimized for conversions and your users’ funnel is not leaky, let’s talk. A/B tests require some statistical knowledge and experience but it’s the safest and fastest way to constantly increase your conversions and profits.


Performance Marketing Specialist


I work with global B2B brands and help them to improve their performance marketing results and generate more quality leads.

Performance Marketing Manager


PPC campaigns and conversion rate optimization for a global B2B SaaS media monitoring tool. Paid activities focused on search campaigns but also: social campaigns, remarketing, display and many others.

Marketing Analyst


Gathering insights and preparing reports using Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics for the biggest Polish brands.

Performance Marketing Manager

Friendly Finance Group

Customer acquisition from the financial segment in 5 countries managing 7-figures budgets.


University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS)

2 semesters of teaching SWPS students about online analytics, focused on Google Analytics course.


Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Ads, Display Ads, RTB Ads

Used for maximizing profits from advertising spendings.

Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Adobe Analytics

Used for analyzing marketing activities, creating reports, and dashboards. Answering questions and solving conversion mysteries.

Webflow, Elementor, Unbounce

Used for creating landing pages, and running A/B tests to improve conversion rates.


Used for social listening, getting marketing insights, and building relations with customers.

Intercom, Hubspot

Used for managing customer databases, email workflows, and customer analysis.

Trello, Monday, Asana

Used for managing projects and tasks.

Reviews (3)

Michal Sadowski

Founder & CEO at Brand24

Kajetan is a motivated, creative, and intelligent Performance Marketing Manager who offers true expertise in his field. He is detail-oriented and more importantly goal-oriented. Always pushing for results in terms of sales.

Loyal, insightful, and independent. Skilled in marketing analytics. He is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve problems on time (as he proved during our marketing Black Friday promos). He never misses a deadline. He never forgets about arrangements we both agreed upon.

Moreover, Kajetan is a likeable team player. Joining various company projects, contributing to other divisions. Has always been an absolute joy to work with. I’ll be happy to recommend him for any positions related to Performance marketing.

November 2020 Wroclaw, Poland

Krzysztof Surowiecki

CEO at Hexe Data

I appreciate Kajetan for his honesty at work, ambition and intelligence. He is thorough and reliable in what he does and has broad intellectual horizons. We worked together in the field of analytics and performance marketing, and this cooperation was excellent. I recommend it as a co-worker and supplier.

November 2020 Wroclaw, Poland

Daniel Świątkowski

Founder and CEO @ Hexe Capital

He's a professional in every bit. A team player with broad, international experience in performance marketing. I'm glad I could be part of his development.

November 2020 Wroclaw, Poland

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