Anne Brünnert

SEO Consultant

  • Berlin Germany (+01:00)
  • English, German
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Anne Brünnert

SEO Consultant

  • Berlin Germany (+01:00)
  • English, German
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SEO is a truly amazing marketing discipline. You could say I am not an emotional character, but I am quite passionate about SEO. After building up SEO departments at Orderbird and Friday, I am now happy to tell even more companies about the benefits of organic traffic.
SEO is not a simple channel, it is a process you have to embrace as a company. Together we will have a look at your website, the backend of your website, your blog, your content, social media and the way you could convert a user into a lead.
I can help you build a website and content that users and search engines love.

Contact me if:

  • If you want to have more organic traffic and leads
  • If you want to move your website, CMS or domain
  • If you consider going international
  • If you want to have SEO relevant content strategy
  • If you want to write valuable content for users and search engines
  • If you heard of SEO before and you want to start from scratch
  • If you need ways to integrate SEO into your marketing processes
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Tools
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OnPage SEO

I have a strong OnPage focus: I can help you optimize your website, blog and content. Typically we would start with a keyword research, competitor research and a technical SEO Audit. We will find out the status quo, potential challenges and chances, learn from your competitors and have a look at your website performance.
Afterwards, we fix what needs to be fixed, and optimize what needs to be optimized and then start working on your new strategy for amazing organic content.
You want to move your website, your content management system or your domain! That's a huge topic - we can go through it together so you don't risk losing too much.

Content Marketing

There is no SEO without content, and content gets better with SEO. Imagine the Internet would be a library, a really huge one. You can't just rely on accidentally finding the book you are searching for - right? You need a search engine to find it. We SEO people just make sure that all books have proper quality, the system works and you get what you find.
That's why content and SEO are so close together. I can help you find a suitable content strategy, positioning you for the right keywords and give your target group what they need so they will be future customers.
I can help you create optimized and helpful content in blog posts, website texts, e-books or whitepaper. I´m happy to brief your content manager or do copywriting in my native language, German.

Agile Project Management

I´m a Scrum Certified Product Owner and used to be a Website Product Owner bringing agile methods to a development and marketing team. I love the structure and freedom that agile planning brings to projects and the people working on the project and will be glad to manage your agile projects.


SEO Consultant


Working on OnPage Strategies, SEO Execution and optimized content.

Freelance SEO Consultant


More projects from diverse industries, more experience. Sometimes I do B2C also.

Senior SEO Manager


Starting an SEO department and preparing a CMS Move.

Senior SEO Consultant & Product Owner Website

orderbird AG

Responsible for SEO, website, website move and bringing agile methods to the website team.

Marketing Manager

Managing E-Commerce and blog content, social media channels and some PR and event management.


SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Seolyze, Google Search Console

Used for keyword research, content ideas, content and competition analysis.

Ryte, Screaming Frog, Sistrix, ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed Insights

Used for technical SEO analysis, reports and Website performance.

Wordpress, Webflow, Magento, Pimcore, Hubspot, Contenful, Prismic

I am not a developer, but sometimes you need someone to make sure that content managers have all they need for SEO needs.

Cleverreach, MailChimp

Used for sending out valuable emails to customers.

Buffer, Hootsuite

Used for scheduling social media content on various channels.

Jira, Confluence, Trello, Monday, Asana

Used for managing projects and tasks.

Reviews (2)

Patrick Brienen

COO and Co-Founder of orderbird AG

I worked with Anne for several years at orderbird AG where she was responsible for our SEO strategy and execution and many other marketing related topics. I know nobody as skilled in SEO as Anne and I can say nothing but positive things about our collaboration both from a relational and professional perspective. Her achievements (measured by OKR in our case) were always outstanding, however, what I value most with Anne is that she thinks things through and she looks beyond her field of responsibility. She has the big picture in mind, always.

May 2019 Berlin, Germany

Florian Kühne


Since 6 months Anne supports us now to make our complete web presence fit for SEO. It's great to see how much expertise she can bring to the table and make sure that even a layman can follow and understand what he can do to improve the results. Anne not only tackles where she sees a need and delivers great results but also empowers everyone else on the team to perform at their best.

October 2020 Berlin, Germany

Achieve results faster with a clearly mapped growth roadmap. One step at the time.

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