Alexandra Cote

Alexandra Cote

Content Writer and Strategist

  • Bucharest Romania (+02:00)
  • English, Romanian
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Alexandra Cote

Alexandra Cote

Content Writer and Strategist

  • Bucharest Romania (+02:00)
  • English, Romanian
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I help HR and B2B SaaS companies create actionable content that will last through all Google algorithm changes. I am originally a digital marketer and have specialized in the content growth branch to help brands increase their traffic and number of leads without creating useless content.

My passions include content marketing, social media marketing wonders, growth marketing, conversion rate optimization, artificial intelligence, and, wait for it, keyword research. I have previously directed successful content campaigns for industries such as project management, marketing, productivity, HR, and AI.

Get in touch if you:

  • Want to start a strong content strategy from day one
  • Need to boost your content writing efforts to support lead generation
  • Are looking to refresh the content you already have on your blog
  • Want an experienced content strategist to craft article structures that will match the exact reader intent
  • Are starting an editorial calendar and don’t know which topics and formats to go for
  • Can’t get your hands on which keywords your content should tackle
  • Need an expert at reading the current search engine results page for your keywords of interest
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Tools


Content Writing

Articles these days need more than just a writer. They need someone who can understand reader intent, provide clear solutions to user pain points, and compile everything together in a clear and digestible format. I can help you nail this requirement while also writing content that matches your goals and SEO demands in real-time.

Content Strategy

Editorial calendars, style guides, and detailed briefs? This is often all you need to jump-start your content strategy. I’ll craft a plan that will help you overcome your current struggles and have a clear action path for the future.

On-Page SEO

I like to think content is nothing without getting the on-page SEO factors in check. Throughout my career, I’ve written and optimized content for SEO on a daily basis, seeing what works and what doesn’t for all kinds of industries. I’ll help you identify the potential challenges of your SEO strategy and handle it one step at a time.

Content Optimization and Refreshing

Got loads of posts sitting in your blog with your readers? I’ll help you update all of them and put together evergreen pieces from articles you already have at hand. In fact, here’s a little secret: constantly optimizing content guarantees long-term success.


Content Writer


I work on delivering content that helps our clients generate more leads, improve their brand awareness, and strengthen their thought leadership.

Freelance Content Strategist and Writer

MKT Odyssey - Alexandra Cote

I help B2B, HR, and marketing brands design their end-to-end content marketing strategy and get in front of the right audience for their goals.

Digital Marketing


Responsible for content strategy, writing, social media, email marketing, and SEO research.


SEMrush, Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Ahref

Used for keyword research, SEO audits, competitor analysis, and generating content ideas.


Used for managing newsletters and lead generation campaigns.

Google Analytics, Search Console

Used for keeping track of user behaviour and analyzing how content is performing or which article can be improved.

Trello, Monday, Paymo

Used for organizing tasks and projects while guaranteeing communication is kept within context.

Buffer, Hootsuite

Used for scheduling social media posts and keeping track of hashtags and mentions.

Canva, Affinity Designer

Used for creating visuals for social media content, presentations, blog assets, or videos.

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