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Our Story

We’re a fully distributed team of 42 people (and growing) living and working in 17 countries around the world. Together we help great companies become stellar.

At Zengrowth we do things a bit differently. We view ourselves like a sports team. We have people on offense, people on defense, great coaches, motivators and playmakers.

We’re striving to become the ultimate Dream Team – one that is known not only for its merit and skill, but also for its interpersonal connection, wisdom and camaraderie that makes you want to stay even after the game has ended.

We come from quite humble beginnings. What started as a small freelance network doing reputable work for clients has grown into our current business, innovating and driving growth for some of the world’s top companies.

“Zengrowth is the sum energy of very talented people working towards creating better companies.”

Marco van Bree Founder & CEO of Zengrowth


At Zengrowth we care about the spark inside of us all. The curiosity that drives us each day and asks how we can make work fun, enjoyable and successful. We believe in helping companies become successful through inspiration, drive and creativity.

Who we are and what you can expect

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We are 100% unapologetically ourselves.

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We are young and dynamic, with a fire inside that lights up a room.

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We inspire every day.